Fall 2022 Pedagogy Fridays

The Pedagogy Study Group warmly invites all teachers of music history to attend “Pedagogy Fridays” approximately every other week during the academic year. At these virtual gatherings, we discuss varied teaching-related topics, share resources, and provide support to each other. There’s no need to register in advance; all are welcome to attend, even if only for part of a session. This fall, Pedagogy Fridays will take place on the dates below from 4 to 5 p.m. EST via Zoom at this link. Topics include:

September 23: Doing SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) Research in the Music History Classroom–researching the effectiveness of your own teaching practices. (view notes on Resources page)
October 7: Accountability and Classroom Policies (view notes on Resources page)
October 21: Threshold Concepts–What challenging ideas do students need to grasp before they can meaningfully engage with our field of study? How do we help them to think like historians? (view notes on Resources page)
November 4: Boosting Engagement by Reframing Participation (view notes on Resources page)
December 2: Assignment Potluck–celebrate & share successful assignments (view notes on Resources page)