About the AMS-PSG

The AMS Pedagogy Study Group is a community of teacher-scholars who aim to think creatively and reflectively about all facets of teaching music history.

Pedagogy is rarely a focus of graduate training in musicology, and even seasoned instructors know that college-level teaching involves perpetual refinement and adaptation. AMS-PSG aims to equip, challenge, and inspire musicologists from all career stages to grow as effective teachers.

AMS-PSG supports a number of forums for the exchange of ideas and resources among musicologists. Recognized officially by the American Musicological Society since 2006, AMS-PSG sponsors panel sessions and breakout discussions at each AMS meeting that focus on pedagogical issues of current importance to the discipline. It promotes further dialogue through the annual Teaching Music History Conference, The Journal of Music History Pedagogy, and the AMS-PSG Facebook group. Seeking to be as inclusive and relevant as possible, AMS-PSG focuses on active dialogue among instructors who serve a wide range of institutions and curricula.

Please contact Reba Wissner if you are interested in service within the Pedagogy Study Group.

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Reba Wissner, Columbus State University (co-chair)
Kristy Swift, University of Cincinnati (co-chair)
Alex Ludwig, Berklee College of Music (secretary/treasurer)

PSG Liaison to the AMS CCRI

Reba Wissner, Columbus State University