The Journal of Music History Pedagogy is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed, open-access, on-line journal dedicated to the publication of original articles and reviews related to teaching music history of all levels (undergraduate, graduate, or general studies) and disciplines (western, non-western, concert and popular musics). The JMHP holds no single viewpoint on what constitutes good teaching and endorses all types of scholarship on music history pedagogy that are well-researched, objective, and challenging. The JMHP is a publication of the Pedagogy Study Group of the American Musicological Society.

Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Sara Haefeli, Ithaca College

Reviews Editor: Douglass Seaton, Florida State University

Editorial Board

Ana Alonso Minutti, University of New Mexico

Matt Baumer, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

James Davis, SUNY Fredonia

Sarah Fuller, Stony Brook University, Emerita

Randall Goldberg, Youngstown State University

S. Andrew Granade, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Kunio Hara, University of South Carolina

Eric Hung, Music of Asian America Research Center

Judy Lochhead, Stony Brook University

Ralph Locke, Eastman School of Music, Emeritus

Melanie Lowe, Vanderbilt University

Stephen Meyer, University of Cincinnati

Sara Nodine, Florida State University

Colin Roust, University of Kansas

Douglass Seaton, Florida State University

Louis Epstein (ex officio), Chair, Pedagogy Study Group of the American Musicological Society