Spring 2024 Pedagogy Fridays

The Pedagogy Study Group warmly invites all teachers of music history to attend “Pedagogy Fridays,” held approximately every-other week during the academic year. At these virtual gatherings, we discuss varied teaching-related topics, share resources, and provide support to each other. There’s no need to register in advance; all are welcome to attend, even if only for part of a session. This fall, Pedagogy Fridays will take place on the dates below from 4 to 5 p.m. EST via Zoom at this link. Topics include:

9 February: The Research Methods Course: Assessments, Goals, or Materials (see notes on Resources page)
23 February: Share Your Favorite Writing Assignment (see notes on Resources page)
8 March: Share Your Favorite Assignment (see notes on Resources page)
22 March: Introduction to Music or Music Appreciation (course or syllabus) (see notes on Resources page)
12 April: “Academic Ableism and its Alternatives,” guest speaker Jay Dolmage (see notes on Resources page)
26 April: Entrance, Comprehensive, and Oral Exam Content (see notes on Resources page)