Writing in Music


“The ideal pocket-sized manual for undergraduate and master’s students in music who want to improve their writing. Writing in Music demystifies music writing conventions and methods by offering strategies for the types of writing that students most often encounter in college courses on music. The book offers guidance through the writing process and, for research assignments, through the research process. Geared for an audience of music majors and other students taking undergraduate music-major courses–as well as for master’s students in music desiring more training in academic writing–Writing in Music covers the two approaches common to academic coursework in virtually all music-major programs: the study of music with a focus on its cultural and historical contexts, and the exploration of works using the tools of music analysis. Whether students want to apply a specific approach or take a broader, interdisciplinary stance, this guide prepares them to think and write about music.” Published January 2021. Not open source (exam copy available).

ed. Lynne Rogers, Karen M. Bottge, and Sara Haefeli

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  • keywords: cultural context; pedagogy; writing; research paper; student work; assignments; primary sources; secondary sources; drafting, editing and revising; feedback; evaluation; thesis; outline; program notes; concert and media reviews; interviews; illustrations and musical examples; rhetoric; citations
  • Listing ID: 2014
  • Resource Type: Book/Text
  • Audience: undergrad + grad

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