Trax on the Trail: A scholarly resource for music in political campaigns


“Founded at Georgia College in 2015, Trax on the Trail is a website where scholars, educators, journalists, students, and the general public can learn about American presidential campaign music and gain insight into how sound participates in forming candidate identity. Our interdisciplinary team includes academic experts from the fields of political science, musicology, sociology, history, communications, and ethnomusicology, as well as industry professionals and students.” Includes classroom materials (lesson plans, assignments, lectures), a database of music used in recent election contexts, essays and interviews, a podcast series, and a bibliography.

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  • keywords: cultural context; multimedia; sound studies; ethics; interdisciplinary; living music; popular music; Western music; United States; music and politics; public musicology; digital humanities; student work; tools for teaching and learning; subject area materials; learning activities; assessments; bibliography; database; podcast; blog


  • Listing ID: 2062
  • Resource Type: Website
  • Geographic Area: North America
  • Audience: general
  • Century: 2000- (21stC)

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