PSG Friday: Disclosing Disability/Positionality


Notes from virtual conversation March 4, 2022; Divulging Positionality and Intersectionality as Teachers and Students | Creating a dynamic, trusting classroom requires vulnerability and sometimes requires us to share information about ourselves – but how much sharing is too much? Discussion questions include:

  1. Have you ever needed to disclose personal information about a disability or debilitation (short-term incapacitation) with your students? How did you share it and what was the outcome in terms of student response? Was your disclosure private (in your office) or public (in front of the class as a whole)?
  2. Have you disclosed any of that same information with colleagues or administrators? How did they react? Were there any long-term implications of that disclosure?
  3. Are you friends with students or colleagues on social media? How has that affected your vulnerability?

Notes are brief to protect individual information.

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