Peer Feedback on Presentations


A form for students to provide feedback on presentations given by their peers, with separate sections guiding reflection on substance and style.

I provide students with a double-sided handout ( On one side, students respond to a small number of open-ended prompts asking students to summarize what they learned in the presentations and to offer specific, constructive, critical feedback. On the other side, students circle applicable parts of a rubric that focuses on style and on best practices in presentations. 

Students don’t put their names on these sheets because I want them to feel free to speak candidly, although I remind them to be kind. I also don’t grade or give credit for doing this; it’s just part of creating a trusting, caring, open community where we value feedback because it makes everyone’s work better. But you could certainly have students put their names on their feedback and you could give participation credit for this work. 

I collect the students’ feedback forms, review the responses (mostly just in case there’s something offensive or cruel, which there hasn’t been), and return the responses to the student presenters. I usually offer one or two quick summary comments – “You should pay attention to patterns in the feedback; I noticed that several audience members noticed the same gap in your research, so you might consider addressing that” – but otherwise don’t give feedback on the feedback. I also send an email with my own comments on their presentation, comments I write down during the presentation and don’t add to afterwards. 

Submitted by: Louis Epstein

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