Pandemic Performances


Google sheet featuring links to pandemic performances: Ebun Oguntola’s “2020”; String Quartet Smackdown – Golden Hornet (annual competition/event); Synchromy “URBAN BIRDS”; Arco Collaborative; “A New Library of Congress Project Commissions Music of the Coronavirus Pandemic”; “Ten Thousand Birds / Ten Thousand Screens”; San Francisco Symphony – Nico Muhly – “Throughline”; The Fall of the House of Usher (An Opera in Two Acts by Philip Glass); “Scientists have turned the structure of the coronavirus into music”; Live with Carnegie Hall; Bach-Archiv Leipzig’s version of the St. John Passion, adapted for cantor, keyboardist, percussionist, and small chorus; Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Fanfare Project; “Mahakala Oratorio by Leila Adu for Chatterbird; Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music – “COVID-19 Response: #GLFCAMGigThruCOVID”.

  • access sheet here
  • keywords: cultural context; global history; multimedia; living music; advocacy; public musicology
  • Listing ID: 2068
  • Resource Type: Database/Archive
  • Geographic Area: multiple regions
  • Audience: general
  • Century: 2000- (21stC)

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