Open Access Musicology


Open Access Musicology is a “peer-reviewed, open-access, online, modular catalogue of essays that better serves the needs of music scholars. Our essays address a range of topics written at a level appropriate for undergraduate students (undergraduate students take part in the review process for these essays). Our essays reflect up-to-date scholarship in these fields of inquiry. And our essays provide faculty the flexibility to design courses around selected essays without having to adopt the entire collection. Open Access Musicology both complements and supplants more traditional course materials such as textbooks and anthologies.”

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  • keywords: living music, early music, Western music, ethnomusicology, global history, notation, musical value, expression, experimentalism, graphic notation, historical performance, Mesopotamian culture, ancient music, authenticity, instrumental music, technology, 17th-century Italy, artisanship, English popular song, popular music, musical circulation, Henry Purcell, intermedia studies, broadsides, Native Americans, Edward MacDowell, piano music, musical analysis, Jenny Lind, Swedish Nightingale, gender, race, class, intersectionality, nineteenth-century, popular music, sound recordings, historiography, music history pedagogy
  • Listing ID: 1979
  • Resource Type: Journal
  • Geographic Area: multiple regions
  • Audience: any undergrad
  • Century: multiple centuries

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