Music on the Move


“With its innovative multimodal approach, [Danielle Fosler-Lussier’s] Music on the Move invites readers to listen and engage with many different types of music as they read. The text introduces a variety of concepts related to music’s travels—with or without its makers—including colonialism, migration, diaspora, mediation, propaganda, copyright, and hybridity. The case studies represent a variety of musical genres and styles, Western and non-Western, concert music, traditional music, and popular music. Highly accessible, jargon-free, and media-rich, Music on the Move is suitable for students as well as general-interest readers.” Open access textbook.

by: Danielle Fosler-Lussier

  • publisher’s description
  • keywords: online textbook; cultural context; global history; notation; multimedia; race studies; gender studies; disability studies; sound studies; technology; material culture; appropriation; living music, Western music, identity, politics, mobility, mediation, digital music, copyright; instructional design; subject area materials; beyond the canon
  • Listing ID: 1996
  • Resource Type: Book/Text
  • Geographic Area: multiple regions
  • Audience: undergrad, gen-ed
  • Century: multiple centuries

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