Music in the USA: A Documentary Companion


“Music in the USA: A Documentary Companion charts a path through American music and musical life using as guides the words of composers, performers, writers and the rest of us ordinary folks who sing, dance, and listen. The anthology of primary sources contains about 160 selections from 1540 to 2000. Sometimes the sources are classics in the literature around American music, for example, the Preface to the Bay Psalm Book, excerpts from Slave Songs of the United States, and Charles Ives extolling Emerson. But many other selections offer uncommon sources, including a satirical story about a Yankee.” Not open source.

ed. Judith Tick

  • Listing ID: 1926
  • Resource Type: Anthology
  • Geographic Area: North America
  • Audience: undergrad + grad
  • Century: multiple centuries

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