Music History I: Global Overview


Syllabus for Music History I: Global Overview

The emergence of global music history courses, taught by many others before me, has changed our conceptions of what is possible in the European-US undergraduate music curriculum; beyond the West, others around the world like myself have been teaching music histories of “marginal” geographies for an even longer period of time. Many musical traditions which cannot be precisely dated, and for which the best historical contextualization is “pre-colonial,” are included, for omission of these musics would have resulted in large lacunae in the syllabus; for the same reason, traditions which developed in relative isolation are included alongside musics that emerged under global integration.

submitted by: Gavin Lee

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  • Keywords: cultural context; race; gender; global history; interdisciplinary; early music
  • Listing ID: 1850
  • Resource Type: Syllabus
  • Geographic Area: multiple regions
  • Audience: undergrad, major
  • Century: multiple centuries

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