Latin American Baroque: performance as a post-colonial act?


Open source article: “My intention here is to explore some of the ways in which a greater mindfulness of the realities of colonialism might impact on performing and listening to colonial Baroque music. What sort of 21st-century values might reasonably be brought to bear on the performance of music from 17th-century Latin America? Is it desirable to reframe colonial processes in terms of modern ideas of encounter and multiculturalism and thus present Latin American Baroque music as early ‘world music’? Or does attachment to the idea of Historically Informed Performance require us to be, well, a little more historically informed?”

by: Geoff Baker

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  • keywords: villancico; appropriation; ethics; historically informed performance; musicology; music history; global history; performance; post-colonialism; cultural context; ethnomusicology; early music
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  • Resource Type: Article/Paper
  • Geographic Area: multiple regions
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  • Century: multiple centuries

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