Josquin Research Project


“The Josquin Research Project (JRP) changes what it means to engage with Renaissance music. Our open-access website not only hosts an ever-growing collection of complete scores, but for the first time makes the music fully searchable: in a few clicks you can identify every instance of a given melodic and/or rhythmic pattern. The JRP also provides analytical tools that can be used to gain insight into individual works, the style of a given composer, or the musical lingua franca. The goal of the project is to facilitate a new kind of knowing that brings “big data” into conversation with traditional analytical methods.” Includes pdf scores, mp3s, digital tools for analysis.

by: Jesse Rodin and Craig Sapp

  • access site here
  • keywords: digital humanities; early music, Western music, music theory, notation
  • Listing ID: 1955
  • Resource Type: Database/Archive
  • Geographic Area: Europe
  • Audience: undergrad + grad
  • Century: 1500-1599 (16thC)

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