Information Literacy in Music: An Instructor's Companion


Edited collection: “Information Literacy in Music: An Instructor’s Companion is a practical guide to information literacy instruction for busy librarians and music faculty. This book contains examples of course-integrated assignments designed to help postsecondary music students develop foundational skills in information literacy. These assignments have been solicited from experienced librarians and faculty across the United States, and they represent a broad spectrum of approaches to music research, from historical to applied studies. Be inspired by new and creative solutions to students’ information literacy challenges and by the many examples of successful collaborations between librarians and music faculty.” 2018. Not open source.

ed. Beth Christensen, Erin Conor, Marian Ritter

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  • keywords: contemporary music; viola; opera; analysis; research; oboe; strings; score editions; sound recording; performance; voice; conductor; writing; bias; ethnomusicology; information literacy; assessment; Wikipedia; interdisciplinary; visual design; sound studies; teaching; notation; scores; jazz studies; music business; music history; authority; assignment; music research tools; race studies; gender studies; exhibition; labs; catalogs; composer; footnotes; music education; music therapy; annotated bibliography; playlist; popular music; Beatles; Black music literacy; classical music; library; primary sources; archive; musical theatre
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