ICE: A Framework for Assessment and Feedback


A short article introducing Ideas/Connections/Extensions as a rubric for assessment, including a model rubric designed for music essays. 

Article Abstract: 

In this paper, I introduce a framework that I use in several key areas of my teaching, including design of assessments, classes and even whole courses, as well as when developing assignment feedback for students. “ICE” stands for Ideas-Connections-Extensions and comes from a model of teaching assessment developed by Queen’s University education scholars Robert Wilson and Sue Fostaty Young. I introduce the ICE framework and demonstrate how it can be used to develop appropriate assessment criteria that students can use when preparing an assignment and which faculty can use to guide grading and feedback. 

Links to article:

  • Here is a link to the original source (but my chapter has to be searched for).
  • Here is a link to my article on its own (saved to my personal Google Drive).

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