English Broadside Ballad Archive


“The EBBA team’s priority is to archive all of the surviving ballads published during the heyday of the black-letter ornamental broadside ballad of the 17th century—currently estimated to stand at some 11,000 extant works. But 1600 and 1700 are not magical cut-off dates for the EBBA project; rather they are permeable historical lines that we naturally and happily cross in tracing the rise and fall of English broadside ballads and their many transformations along the way.” In addition to the archive, EBBA features research visualizations and tools for visualization, essays on context, bibliography, links to additional ballad sites, and more.

  • access EBBA here
  • keywords: notation; scores; manuscript; cultural context; multimedia; Western music
  • Listing ID: 1900
  • Resource Type: Database/Archive
  • Geographic Area: Europe
  • Audience: undergrad + grad
  • Century: multiple centuries

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