Corporate Music - How to Compose with no Soul


Video essay by Tantacrul: “In this video I explore how corporatism produces soulless music, some of which is amusingly awful! I also explore how tech and oil companies with dubious business practices use music as part of propaganda campaigns to convince the public that they support ecological activism. With some music theory thrown in along the way, I also compose a few kinds of different corporate styles to show the various tropes that exist. Some of it is blundering nonsense. Some of it is a little more sinister. All of it is garbage. Enjoy!” [2019; 15.5 minutes]

  • keywords: cultural context; music theory; notation; multimedia; sound studies; technology; ethics; interdisciplinary; living music; popular music; advocacy; public musicology; music criticism; Adorno
  • Listing ID: 2058
  • Resource Type: Video/Film
  • Geographic Area: North America
  • Audience: general
  • Century: 2000- (21stC)

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