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Schirmer Cengage Learning “In Their Own Words (Source Readings)”: Antiquity and the Middle Ages (Boethius, St. Benedict of Nursia, Pseudo Odo of Cluny, Guide of Arezzo, Hildegard of Bingen, Alfonso the Wise, Anonymous, Franco of Cologne, Pope John XXII, Johannes Boen, Jerome of Moravia); The Enlightenment and the Classical Era (Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Charles Burney, Heinrich Koch, Leopold Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sophie Haibel, Beethoven, Richard Wagner); Romanticism (E.T.A Hoffmann, Berlioz, George Osborne, Chopin, Clara Schumann, Wagner, Verdi, Otello, Liszt, Eduard Hanslick, Debussy).

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  • Western music history; cultural context; primary source; classical music
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  • Geographic Area: Europe
  • Audience: any undergrad
  • Century: multiple centuries

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