Cantigas de Santa Maria Database


“The Cantigas de Santa Maria database is designed to give access to a vast range of information relevant to the processes of collection, composition and compilation of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. It will provide the critical material for a new edition of the Cantigas de Santa Maria, which will be published both in printed and electronic form. The database is under continual development. The database incorporates a fully searchable electronic version of Poncelet’s ‘Index miraculorum B.V. Mariae quae saec. VI-XV latine conscripta sunt’, and exhaustive listings of the contents of Latin and vernacular collections of Marian miracles.” Includes a short introduction to the manuscript source, as well as a bibliography and links to useful resources.

  • access database here
  • keywords: notation; manuscript; global history; multimedia; material culture; early music
  • Listing ID: 1948
  • Resource Type: Database/Archive
  • Geographic Area: Europe
  • Century: 1200-1299 (13thC)

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