Black Central Europe


“We bring you over 1000 years of Black history in the German-speaking lands and show you why it matters right now.” Features essays, images, primary source documents, interactive maps, biographies, ready-made lesson plans, syllabi, and more; organized by historical categories 1000-1500; 1500-1750; 1750-1850; 1850-1914; 1914-1945; 1945-1989; 1989-today. Introductions on both English and German. “There are over 1 million Black people in Central Europe today. Most Europeans still don’t know of the long history of the Black Diaspora in their countries. As a result, there is a general assumption that Black people are a relatively new presence on the continent and thus are historical and national outsiders. Through historical investigation, Black Central Europe challenges these assumptions. … Our mission is both to show the historical presence of Black people and to understand how racialized ideas of history, national belonging, and citizenship have been produced and adapted over time. By challenging these and drawing attention to other ways of thinking about who belongs in society, we can undermine the exclusionary ideas that continue to trouble us today.” “Browse through our Collection of hundreds of historical documents, images, and multimedia sources, or check out our Interactive Maps. You can follow our links to Activist organizations and also enjoy creative projects and reporting in Videos. Whether you’re a teacher looking for material for a lesson, a researcher looking for new perspectives, an artist looking for inspiration, or someone just looking to learn more about Central Europe’s connection to the Black Diaspora, you’re welcome here. Let us know what you think!”

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