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“‘Beyond Tokenism’ is dedicated to helping music history instructors develop equitable and relevant pedagogies….To develop relevant and equitable music history pedagogy–including courses for non-majors, and core and elective courses for majors–we need to move beyond tokenism, or the addition of a few works by non-White and non-male composers into traditional historical narratives. We need, instead, to rethink the purpose of teaching music history, highlight alternative historical narratives, and improve equitable instructional design.” Includes articles, techniques, additional resources.

Jacqueline Avila, Joy Marie Doan, Jasmine A. Henry, Eric Hung

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  • keywords: cultural context, global history, race studies, gender studies, disability studies, living music, advocacy, pedagogy, decolonizing music history, musical exoticism, notation, film music, citizenship, Asian American music, countering canons, library, bibliography, instructional design, tools for teaching and learning, beyond the canon
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  • Geographic Area: multiple regions
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