The Education of a Singer at the Beijing Opera


“It took seven years for Wang Runqing to get his diploma from the Conservatory of the Beijing National Opera. Descended from a family of actors, he had no illusions about the hardships that awaited him. This program follows his rigorous training in a variety of the arts besides singing and acting. His story is all the more interesting because it took place while traditional opera—which had been banned and replaced by politically correct works during the Cultural Revolution—was being restored to its ancient role in the cultural life of China. (54 minutes)” 1985. Not open source (but does include a preview).

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  • keywords: musicology; global history; opera; documentary; cultural context; Cultural Revolution; pedagogy; training; expertise; primary source
  • Listing ID: 2082
  • Resource Type: Video/Film
  • Geographic Area: Asia
  • Audience: general
  • Century: 1900-1999 (20thC)

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