Harmony Anthology – Open Music Theory


“This is an anthology of a different kind and at a larger scale than the usual provision. Instead of showcasing a few, select examples (as the textbook chapters proper do), the goal here is to provide long lists of cases that at least one analyst sees in terms of the chord under discussion. Harmonic analysis is a reductive and subjective task and you should fully expect to disagree with some of the entries included here. The idea is to provide minimal curation, allowing you to roam freely among potentially relevant cases from across a broad repertoire, making up your own mind about what counts as an ‘real’ example.” Supplementary materials for Open Music Theory: “a natively-online open educational resource intended to serve as the primary text and workbook for undergraduate music theory curricula. OMT2 provides not only the material for a complete traditional core undergraduate music theory sequence (fundamentals, diatonic harmony, chromatic harmony, form, 20th-century techniques), but also several other units for instructors who have diversified their curriculum, such as jazz, popular music, counterpoint, and orchestration.”

by: Mark Gotham

  • Listing ID: 1990
  • Resource Type: Anthology
  • Geographic Area: Europe
  • Audience: undergrad + grad
  • Century: multiple centuries

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