Teaching Music History Conference 2018

8-9 June 2018 at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN

Panel Videos

Diversity and Inclusion

Friday, June 8, 9:00–10:30am
“Students with Disabilities: Legislation, Resources, and Pedagogical Approaches, with a Focus on Autism”
Matteo Magarotto
“Diversity and Inclusion: Towards a Decolonized Music History Curriculum”
Margaret E. Walker
“The Experience of Teaching History of Music at Liceo Musicale (High Music School) ‘Sandro Pertini’ of Genoa (Italy)”
Alberto Macrì

The Undergraduate Classroom and Beyond

Friday, June 8, 10:45–12:15pm
Chair: Reba Wissner
“The Classical Music Canon for Children and Youth: A Case Study at the North Carolina Symphony”
Sarah Tomlinson
“A Tale of Two Classrooms: Teaching and Learning the Music History Survey in Hybrid Online Format”
Stepanie P. Schlagel
“#Latergrams: For an Event-Based Approach to Music History Teaching”
Katherine Altizer, Giovanni Zanovello

Contemporary Social Issues, Music Theater, and Opera

Friday, June 8, 1:30–2:30pm
“Diversity in Musical Theater History Classroom: ‘Working’ Toward Improved Dialog”
Trudi Wright
“Teaching Opera in the Age of Harvey Weinstein”
Annalise Smith

Lightning Talks: Pedagogies, Pairings, and Practicality

Friday, June 8, 3:30–4:45pm
“Practicalizing Undergraduate Music History”
Jelena Simonović Schiff
“Fruitful Pairings: Cross-disciplinary, Team-taught Experiments in Music History and ______”
Sandra Yang
“Finding Connections Between Music History and Music Education in a Graduate Music History Course”
Elizabeth Kramer
“Assessing Inclusive Pedagogies in the Music History Classroom”
Louis Epstein

Exploring the Role of Materialism in Student Engagement

Saturday, June 9, 9:00–10:30am
Paula J. Bishop, Kate Galloway, Jessica Getman, Lena Leson, Reba Wissner

Listening, Together

Saturday, June 9, 10:45–11:45am
“Engineering Immersive Listening Experiences”
Alisha Nypaver
“The Effect of Cooperative Listening Practices on Student Critical Listening Analysis and Social Presence in Music Appreciation Courses”
Elizabeth Hoover 

Workshop: Exploring Nine Dimensions of Diversity Inclusivity

Saturday, June 9, 1:00–1:30pm
Daniel Guberman

Tools and Techniques

Saturday, June 9, 2:00–3:15pm
“Beyond the Research Paper: Writing Assignments and Curricular Objectives (Lightning Talk)”
Kristen Strandberg
“Beyond the Anthology: A New Socio-Historical Model for Music History Repertory”
Christopher Ruth
“What They’re Too Embarrassed to Ask”
Misti Shaw and Zoua Sylvia Yang

The Unconference

Saturday, June 9, 4:15–5:15pm