Teaching Music History Conference 2021: CFP

The Pedagogy Study Group of the American Musicological Society invites proposals for the 2021 Teaching Music History Conference. In order to accommodate the complexities that come with balancing work and home life during the COVID-19 pandemic, sessions of this virtual conference will be spread across two weeks (6/14–6/18, 6/21–6/25) and last approximately one hour per day. Proposals must be submitted by 15 March 2021 at 11:59 PST using the online submission form.

We invite proposals that draw on the scholarship of teaching and learning to address topics related to teaching music history (broadly defined) at any academic level (K-12, higher education, community) and the issues its practitioners face. Although the conference program committee is open to proposals on any relevant topic, we especially welcome proposals that address the following:

  • Online pedagogy, student engagement, and new formats beyond the traditional classroom;
  • Teaching and learning in “the new normal”  (e.g., what to carry forward after the pandemic and a year of protests)
  • Pedagogy or curricular development that explores the blurred boundaries between music history and other subdisciplines of music studies (e.g. ethnomusicology, sound studies, music theory);
  • Perspectives on teaching and learning from disciplines beyond musicology;
  • Learning to teach courses, topics, and methodologies beyond our expertise;
  • Positioning music history within the curriculum and drawing connections among courses (e.g., core and elective);
  • Strategizing meaningful conversations about curriculum with colleagues and administration;  
  • Rethinking and reframing the relevance of music history within and beyond the university, college, or school of music; and
  • Perspectives on teaching and learning from outside the United States.

Proposed presentation formats may include: 

  • traditional papers (20 minutes) and teaching demonstrations (20 minutes) [250 word proposal]
  • lightning talks (5-7 minutes) [150 word proposal]
  • panel discussions (30-60 minutes) and creative sessions/workshops (30-60 minutes) [500 word proposal]. The Pedagogy Study Group encourages panel organizers to bring together panelists with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Drawing on the guidelines for proposals for national meetings of the AMS, all proposals should represent the presentation as fully as possible. A successful proposal typically articulates the main aspects of the argument or findings clearly, positions the author’s contribution with respect to previous work in the discipline, and suggests the paper’s significance for the musicological and pedagogical community, in language that is accessible to scholars from a variety of specializations. All proposals will undergo a blind evaluation process according to the description of the conference and the criteria above, and submitters will be notified of conference program decisions around the middle of April 2021.

Any proposals submitted after the 15 March deadline will not be considered. Click here for the online submission form.