Teaching Music History Conference 2022 Schedule

Friday, June 10, 2022

8:30-10:45, TMHC Session 1: Forging Fun: Creative Projects for Music History Courses – Andrew Granade, Chair

  1. “The Music They Make, The Classes They Take: Connecting Performance and History in A Listener Resource Project” – Reba Wissner, Columbus State University
  2. “Songbook Study in a Music History Survey Course” — Dana Gorzelany-Mostak, Georgia College & State University
  3. “Forging Musicological Skills by Forging Primary Sources” — Louis Epstein, St. Olaf College
  4. “The creative final project, or how to bring meaning, relevance, and fun into a music history survey” — Matteo Magarotto, University of Miami

10:45-11:00, Break

11:00-12:00, TMHC Panel 1: “Violence, Trauma, and Music Education: Towards an Ethics of Music History Pedagogy in the 21st Century” – Erin Brooks, SUNY-Potsdam; Erin Johnson-Williams, Durham University; Michelle Meinhart, Trinity Laban Conservatoire; Jillian Rogers, Indiana University Bloomington (virtual presentation)

12:00-1:45, Lunch

1:45-5:00 Beyond Tokenism

1:45-3:05, Teaching Demonstrations – Eric Hung, Chair

  1. “Archives in the Music History Classroom with TimelineJS,” Micaela Baranello, University of Arkansas
  2. “Re-Writing the Canon: Incorporating the Music of South Asia into the Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade Music Curriculum in the North America,” Abigail M. Ryan, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (virtual presentation)
  3. “Fostering Our Learning Environment:  A Framework for Learning about Equity and Music,” John D. Spilker, Nebraska Wesleyan University (virtual presentation)
  4. “Authentic Learning with the Sounding Spirit Digital Library,” Meredith Doster, Sounding Spirit/Emory University, and Esther Morgan-Ellis, University of North Georgia

3:05-3:20, Break

3:20-4:35, Panel Discussion of the teaching demonstrations

4:35, Break

4:50-5:50, Beyond Tokenism Panel: “Zooming to the Archives: Engaging Local Archives in an Online Classroom,” Andrew Granade, Stuart Hinds, Alison DeSimone, and Lindy Smith, University of Missouri – Kansas City

6:30, Conference Dinner: Bo Lings Chinese Restaurant

Saturday, June 11, 2022

8:30-10:45, TMHC Session 2: Decolonizing, Decentering American Music – Louis Epstein, Chair

  1. “Teaching From the Borders: De/Centering ‘Music of the Américas’” – Eduardo Sato, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (virtual presentation)
  2. “Cognition, Pedagogy, and Performance: Marginalizations of Improvisation from Free Jazz and Chicano Music in the California Public School System” — Dennis Jiung Choye, Independent Scholar
  3. “’A Dance of the Spirits’ and Native American Songs: Teaching about Appropriation and Exchange in Early Twentieth-Century Symphonic Compositions” — Erinn E. Knyt, University of Massachusetts Amherst (virtual presentation)
  4. “Opening the Borders of the Canon with Vicente Fernández in the Exploration of Music through American Identities” — Heeseung Lee, University of Northern Colorado

10:45-11:00, Break

11:00-12:00, TMHC Panel 2: “The X[ML]-Files: Pedagogies to Interrogate and Expand Music History” – Maristella Feustle, University of North Texas; Anna E. Kijas, Tufts University; Jessica H. Grimmer, University of Maryland; Timothy Duguid , University of Glasgow

12:00-1:30, Lunch

1:30-2:00, TMHC Lightning Talks – Esther Morgan-Ellis, Chair

  1. “A Hybrid Approach to the Canon” – Dan DiPiero, The Ohio State University and Capital University (virtual presentation)
  2. “Teaching Squares: Sharing and Learning Across the College to Improve Music History Curriculum and Pedagogy” – Trudi Wright, Regis University
  3. “Proactive Pedagogies for Student Mental Health” – Kristen Strandberg, University of Evansville (virtual presentation)

2:00-2:15, Break

2:15-4:45, TMHC Session 3: New Canons, New Contexts – Alison DeSimone, Chair

3:15-3:45, Ice Cream Social

  1. “Centering Labor: Teaching through Work (Instead of Works)” – Kirsten Speyer Carithers, University of Louisville
  2. “Teaching Neurodiversity in Music History: The Case of Robert Schumann and Madness” – James Deaville, Carleton University (virtual presentation)
  3. “Music History and/in/on the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show” – Laura Moore Pruett, Merrimack College (virtual presentation)
  4. “Teaching Beethoven in China: Banned News from Hong Kong” – Jeffrey Levenberg, Independent Scholar (virtual presentation)

4:45-5:00, Break

5:00-6:00, TMHC Panel 3: “Publishing Music History: Developing New Models” – Trudi Wright, Chair

  1. “How to Craft a Proposal” – Genevieve Aoki, Editor, Music, Routledge/Taylor & Francis
  2. “The World of University Press Publishing” – Craig Gill, Director, University Press of Mississippi
  3. “Music History Publishing Today” – Richard Carlin, Senior Editor, Music, SUNY Press
  4. “OER Opportunities” – Nancy Maron, Founder/President, BlueSky to BluePrint